Free to be me

For a moment I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ to be someone else? To have that item? To be skinnier? To…

If I was someone else I wouldn’t love and be loved by the many special people in my life, if I had that item I would want a different one and if I was skinnier it would do nothing for my identity…

So, I am left with one question. How do I become Laurie, to my fullest extent? How do I become completely content with the person I am. This doesn’t mean that I won’t still see room for improvement of course, but it would mean that my whole identity wouldn’t be wrapped up in the outer package but rather the inner me, the real woman inside. Does it mean I don’t need to lose weight? No, I could stand to shed the baby fat but it would mean that if I didn’t lose the weight, or if I did and then gained a few pounds then an amazing thing would happen… I would still be Laurie. My whole world wouldn’t be rocked by a few pounds.

Living life, enjoying life, is a precious thing that happens when you put your full identity in God, when I see him as he sees me, not as others see me. When I can look deep inside and know I am the woman he intended me to be then it doesn’t matter if I am overweight, if I have bad hair, if I have a zit today. All that matters is that he created me and I am living into that reality.

How freeing is that? It allows me to just live, to strive only for one thing, a fuller more abundant relationship with him.


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