I downloaded the new version of Picasa yesterday for my laptop. I then began to play with all the little tabs and buttons that make photo editing an art form. I was having tons of fun because the new picasa links itself to picnic(a very fun editing website). I started to create a picture for Josh out of a picture I took of Thomas,
Thomas before

and started to search around for something fun to do. I went to the seasonal section and saw all the holidays listed there… Mothers Day, New Years Eve, Fathers Day, St. Patricks Day, Soccer Fever, July 4th, Easter, Valentines Day, Football, Remembrance Day. I looked again, surly Christmas was an important holiday and would make a list of holidays?? Where was it? I looked again and again… and then finally the fog cleared or maybe the dust settled, either way I saw it. Buried at the bottom of the page under the title ‘Holidays’… Hmmm I thought, weren’t these all holidays? Apparently not, apparently they are just ‘seasonal’ and the holidays is the new ‘Christmas’.
My question is when did this happen? When did Christmas get replaced by Holidays, and explain to me how holidays got replaced by seasonal? I could be wrong here, in fact I could just be totally stupid, but I was under the assumption that The 1st or 4th of July were holidays, that Valentines Day was a holiday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Groundhog Day… you get the idea, they are all holidays! Seasons, when I was growing up meant four things… Spring, Summer,Winter and Fall. Back in the days of my youth you wished everyone a Merry Christmas, there were Christmas movies, Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, Christmas cookies and Christmas cheer for all (yes, even the politically correct were entitled to a dose of Christmas cheer). We used to make fun of the Grinch or Scrooge, they were men in need of change, they were men that needed Christmas to save them from themselves.

Somehow, somewhere, we ourselves have allowed the Grinches and Scrooges of Canada to govern how we celebrate, how we greet people and even how we decorate our how homes for the season. You can no longer buy a cute Santa for your yard greeting people who pass by with “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas”. Instead we have stunted poor Santa’s jolly smile by forcing him to say “Happy Holidays or worse… Seasons greetings.” I have to wonder what would happen if we bought a manger scene and put that on our front lawn. Would I be extracted from my politically correct country?

Thomas after being hit by Christmas cheer!

I am going to dare to be bold here and wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Why is it that my Jewish friends can buy signs wishing their friends ‘Happy Hanukkah’? When will they be asked to change it to ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Seasons greetings’, rest assured it’s coming!

My next and last question… When will we lose Easter?


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6 thoughts on “Holidays…

  1. It's called, celebrating cultural differences and diversity. Canada is getting too diverse. Although, I'd think it's matter of opinion depending who your audience are.


  2. Esther,I understand and support cultural differences and diversity, but not at the cost of our own cultural diversity as Christians, or even the general public that is Canada. Christmas is a major holiday (yes E, they did used to be called HOLYDAYS)the attempt to blot it's name off the retail, municipal, provincial and federal radar is a gross breach of the very cultural diversity that they preach to us about.


  3. You would be interested to know that in the large centres, cities and towns in India many non-Christians celebrate Christmas. An ancient Church in Bombay, near India Gate (close to where the terrorists struck) my nephew Paul's Church, is filled by Jewish visitors for Christmas. Vive la Christmas in Canada and the world over despite prejudice.Irene


  4. I think that a lot of this is due to a very vocal minority who are taking political correctness to an extreme (read: ridiculous) level. The result is that anything that exists in a majority culture that is different from a minority culture is seen as offensive and oppressive. It's become almost laughable. I say almost, because I'm personally tired of hearing about how the mere existence of something I celebrate and that is dear to me is offensive to others.The funny thing is, one of the best conversations I've had on this topic was with my Jewish boss (who's somewhat observant). He couldn't understand why non-Christians have such a problem with Christmas, because according to him, it's the nicest holiday around and brings out the best in people. In fact, at one point he was even responsible for organizing his institution's Christmas (not holiday) party, and has played the part of Santa Claus. He loved it! Every year he wishes me and my family a Merry Christmas, and I wish him a Happy Hanukkah.I personally wasn't aware (or hadn't taken notice) that the word \”holiday\” is slowly being wiped out as well. And I can't for the life of me understand how the observance of a holiday is a threat to diversity. The kicker is that wiping out a holiday is the antithesis of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity. But in any case, I take heart in the fact that this kind of nonsense doesn't change what Christmas means for me, for all those who celebrate it, and for the world. And hopefully, this \”blotting out\” is just like a pendulum that has swung way out to one side, but that will eventually return to equilibrium.(Alex)


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