Keep Singing

I went to yoga again last night, not the yoga freedom but the power yoga… a REALLY good workout and stretch… my muscles burned and I took in the pain and allowed myself to feel it, to revel in it. It felt fabulous. I chose to pray through out the class, to devote that time to getting in touch wtih God, to tell him how I feel, silently, inwardly… I didn’t get mad, I just asked him why.

When we read Job in the Bible we see the conversation between Satan and God, we know the test, we know the trust that God has in Job… we have a birds eye view for that particular story in history, a look from God’s perspective. Job, he didn’t get that did he… he just had to live, endure and somehow find a way to praise God in the end. In a sense he had to ‘Keep singing’ when all he wanted to do was run out of this place. To leave it all behind and hide.

So, I have a choice, I can cave, not knowing the whole story, not seeing the birds eye view, God’s view of Joshua’s life, our lives, played out before us. Or, I could simply live and endure and trust and some how, some way find it within me to praise him and thank him.

Since it galls me to cave, I guess I am left with little choice but to continue to sing… continue to hope and pray and worship…


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