A pub, a hockey game and a game of pool…

Last night the Leafs (my team) lost in overtime to the New York Islanders… I was bummed, I felt like it should have been our win, we outplayed them without question. Usually when we watch a game, it ends and we turn off the lights, head to bed and fall fast asleep.

Last night, we were on an actual date! We were in a pub, yelling at refs in chorus with all the other fans watching the game, groaning at the bad decisions and cheering wildly with the good plays. We played pool, drank a beer and ate some wings, and when the game ended in a disappointing overtime goal by the Islanders we took the last sip of our beer and started the walk home arm in arm. We talked about life, we talked about the kids and we talked about our marriage.

We had realized something. There was a reason we got married to begin with, we actually find this person we are married to be a fun person. For my part, I enjoy Tim’s company, he makes me laugh and he makes me feel so loved. He is smart, strong, easy to be with, committed and I respect and trust him in a way that few men have evoked in me.

I think we will taking `marriage time`much more often…


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