We have all seen it… the sitcom episode where the lead character has to go to a Yoga class. We have seen it because there is certain humour there, every writer be it for a Hollywood script, a sitcom, a New York seller or just a lowly blogger knows that if you want to amuse people you take them on a tour of a Yoga class.
So, here I am, about to share with you my Yoga journey. I aim to amuse… don’t tell me if I fail, I don’t think I am ‘grounded’ enough to hear it. 🙂

Two weeks ago it was raining, my friend and I were planning on going for a walk but with the rain we decided against it. She is a member at a gym close to me so we decided to go for a class, the problem was that the only class for the time we could make it was the  Yoga Freedom class. The ad said that it was for ‘enthusiastic beginners’… whatever that means! So, we decided to try it.

The Yoga studio is on the top floor of the gym, there were a pile of shoes outside the door so after taking off our shoes we slipped into a dark room with a lot of people sitting on mats. We quickly grabbed a mat and sat down, finding space very close to the door… you never know when you will need to make a quick exit.

Everyone was very serious, sitting cross legged and breathing deeply with closed eyes… very hard not to giggle in a moment like that… when the teacher came in she asked everyone what we were wanting that night, did we want an intense workout or a relaxing stretch. I have to admit the relaxing stretch sounded  just about perfect to me but alas I was pretty much alone in that… except of course for my friend. Turns out that everyone else was really looking forward to an intense work out. Too bad for us ‘enthusiastic beginners’!

The class started with this wonderful relaxing stretch, I was yawning and feeling quite sleepy, I have to admit that at this point I was rather proud, if this is an intense work out then I must be super fit! However, before I could take my next yawn we were moved into the downward dog for what seemed like 10 minutes! Then it was a plank, then another downward dog… on and on it went without relief, no break, no water, no hope… then, just when I thought I couldn’t cope another second she had us fold lie down on our backs, sweet relief… but before I could fully enjoy the lying down part she had us roll onto our shoulders, throwing our legs up and over our heads, keeping our hands on our hips… now, if you are anything like me you too are asking ‘WHAT?’ I mean, is this even possible? I am here to say that yes, this is in fact possible, I saw it with my own eyes, although I myself couldn’t manage it… I just flopped around like a fish out of water (literally) and giggled (you know the hysterical giggle that you know you can’t be doing but it only makes it worse?)… they did that for a while, I continued to flop about and pray that it would end soon. It didn’t, she then wanted us to do something really odd with our thighs and bums… (don’t ask cause I still don’t know)… that was when I just stopped what I was doing to watch what other people were doing, I mean, were these things possible human positions? The teacher, at that moment was talking about variations of that position, noticed that I was not doing it and said ‘or of course you can learn how to do it by watching… ‘ while staring right at me! 😦

Then came the ‘ahhhh’ breathing… that was just funny… deep inhale, then exhale with a loud ‘ahhhh’… you try it… seriously… do it right now while you are reading this…. (I will wait)…… okay, done? Now, you laughed right?? Tell me honestly? Now, picture it with a room full of people all taking it very seriously! How could I not laugh right??!!

After what seemed like forever the teacher turned out the lights, made us lie on our backs and ‘think of our bodies and their relationship to the earth’… the lady behind me started to snore… and that was pretty much when I left…

So, next time you feel like getting out and living the sit-com life head to a yoga freedom class… 🙂 It’s worth it… my emotional self felt better for the laughter and my body did actually get a good workout…


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