My bed and I

 Sometimes I just feel so tired that the prospect of sitting in bed reading all day actually brings tears to my eyes because I don’t know when or if I will ever get to do that again. I love motherhood, I love being a wife and photographer and housekeeper and cook and all the other things that I have ended up being… but some days I just long to be Laurie again. Some days I would really like to go back 10 years, back to the days when I could and was selfish with my time. I did what I wanted, when I wanted and I so totally took it for granted!

My bed and I have a special relationship, a love affair of sorts. I crawl into it at night and we spend 6 blissful hours together (if I am lucky of course), then I get up in the morning, gently pat my bed and with tears on the verge of spilling over I say goodbye for another day. I am surprised that my bed still wants me with the little amount of time I spend working on that relationship, not to mention how I allow my sons to abuse it with thrown toys, and jumping that goes on some days. The poor thing is desperately loyal and while I would love to show it how much it means to me, I just can’t find the time. I am scared one night I will go up those stairs to discover it has left me… (do you think flowers would help?)

So, while I love, and when I say love I mean really TRULY love my life, my kids and my many roles in this house… I also love Laurie and my bed and I would really like the chance to reconnect with both.


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