New Year

So, it started in kindergarten, the confusion of when the new year ends and begins. I have always and will always feel like September is the month that begins everything anew, fresh paper, new books, clean erasers and freshly sharepened pencil crayons… it’s the same now, but school is long since over for me. Now, although things don’t change much from day to day or even month to month I still feel a new sense of drive and determination come September that I don’t even really feel in January. The air feels cleaner, crisper (or it will when this heat wave eases) and everywhere I look there are people starting up again. Churches start their programs again, you start to see school buses loaded down with fresh recruits ready to start a new year of education and everyone returns from summer holidays ready to settle into work for the winter.

New beginnings are fun, they are sometimes filled with new challenges, or even new determination to do better, or work harder. For me this September is going to be filled with new hopes for the year. I will share those in the coming weeks. For now I just felt like sharing my thoughts about September and how if it were up to me, this would be New Years eve and I would be out celebrating! 🙂

Bring it on!

On another note entirely – Project Smile is still underway and I am getting mixed although better results. I still get strange looks but I am starting to wonder if it’s actually me or the act of smiling that is strange… something I will ponder in the ‘new year’.


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