I am finding it such a welcome and exhilarating thing to transform an ugly old home and make it into something beautiful, something that we can call our own and love accordingly. Yesterday I did little things, now that the painting is pretty much finished and Tim is busy with floors I had a little time to do smaller projects. I restored the door, a beautiful old wooden door with stain glass. Felix (the previous owners dog) had made some pretty huge gouges in it when scratching it, I assume to warn off the mail man or some equally abhorrent visitor). I transformed a VERY ugly fireplace into something I am really proud of, and I puttered in my new garden. It was a day filled with little things, things that being a stay at home Mom don’t give you.

In my ordinary day I change a poopy diaper, only to have another poopy diaper in just a few hours (or minutes depending on the meals eaten previously). I clean the kitchen after breakfast, only to mess it up again at lunch, I pick up toys all day long… basically, I accomplish nothing in a day but keeping our heads above water so to speak. This house though, this is giving me something to accomplish, something to finish and take pride in. I didn’t realize how much I needed that. Now I need to find ways to make this a part of my everyday life.

I am looking forward to making some changes in my life, to accomplishing more lasting things, whatever those may be.


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