The house

In all my life I have never had to paint so much! I am covered in primer… oil based… it’s hot and the smell is stuck to my nose hairs… I think I might be high! It’s amazing though, as I stroke the paint onto the trim and the walls and slowly the house becomes more of what I envisioned it would be, it becomes mine. I imagine that it’s like my heart… dark and dirty, then as God works his paint brush over me it slowly becomes clean and white and fresh… more of what he envisioned me to be when he created me.

I never thought all this work would be so much fun, with music blaring in the background and the changes slowly taking place I am filled with a sense of pride. This is the place that I will watch the boys grow, where Josh and Kaleb will toss a ball in the back yard (hopefully escaping breaking the stainglassed window in the kitchen…) I imagine Christmas mornings and the pitter patter of their little feet running down the hall to our bedroom, I imagine them coming home from school, heading into the kitchen for a snack, throwing their bags down in a heap in the mudroom… I imagine the nights we sit by the fire, snuggling up to read a story or chat together, I guess I am imagining a home. My home, a place to finally settle and feel relaxed.

Things are coming together, I see God’s hand all over it, from the deals we are getting on the tiles and flooring, and in the friends who are helping us.

It’s so good to finally have a home to call our own!


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