Albert Yu

Okay, so I need to tell you about Albert… he is our real estate agent. Now, I don’t know if any of you have a stereotype in mind when I say that, I know I did before Albert. I pictured some guy who doesn’t care about me or my house, someone who is just out for a sale…

Not so with Albert, I remember the first house we were interested in, we thought about putting in an offer and Albert (though losing a sale) said that we should keep looking, that he thought we could find better for our price range. So, we took his advice and kept looking. Then we found the house, we both loved it and loved it even more the second time we went to look at it. Albert came over and we signed an offer, he talked us through the entire process without getting impatient with my never ending questions, or at my own impatience that wanted me to not try making deals but just give what they wanted.

The part that amazed me though, the part that brings me to write this blog in honour of Albert is this…

On July 8th we got possession of our new home, when we arrived, keys in hand to begin the painting and flooring process we were disbelieving to find the previous owner still there, and not only not moved out yet but a lot of things still unpacked. Disappointing to say the least. So, we decided to help her, we went to the basement which was entirely unpacked and we began the process of packing her things for her. Then hauling it upstairs to the living room where the guys were packing it into the Uhaul.

Within 5 minutes of us packing the basement she came down stairs and said that her truck was full and that the guys were going to unpack it and then not return (this was her nieces boyfriend keep in mind). My heart sunk, we had 2 weeks to get going on the work that needs to be done before we ourselves have to move in, and immediately after we move in we are going on a previous planned holiday… and I had babysitting all lined up so that I could work on the house as well. What were we going to do???

Call Albert!

He had a direct line to God that night, he must have because he called a moving company he knows who just happened to be on the Danforth bridge (not far from us) who had no intention of answering the phone except that at the last minute he remembered that he had left a drill at another clients house and he figured if it was her he could go pick it up. It wasn’t the lady about the drill though, it was Albert asking a HUGE favour! They agreed and shortly after the call was made we had two movers and one large truck standing in the living room ready to tackle the problem with us. Then, about 5 minutes after that Albert showed up, he too ready to dig in and help pack and move!! I couldn’t believe it??!! What real estate agent do you know who is willing to dig in and move someones stuff so that you can move in on time?? He even went so far as to tell the movers that if they didn’t get paid that he would pay them out of pocket… ??? HUH?? What? In today’s world there is someone out there willing to go above and beyond when the sale is already finalized? WOW!

I saw Christ is Albert… I hope that one day someone can say the same of me.


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