Toronto Violence

So, it seems that I wasted my rant on housework when if I had waited just a few short hours I could have ranted about the protests going on just a few kilometres from our home. Toronto rioting? What? Insanity?! Prostests I understand, I may not believe that they accomplish much but I understand and support the idea of freedom of speech but when it comes to the few people who use such demonstrations as an excuse to destroy property, start fires and injure people I am disgusted. I have been watching the news for most of the afternoon in shock, not just at the violence but at the morons who have their children there. It would be scary for most of us, but to a child? What must they be thinking? What are they hearing? Who are these parents that they follow this violence with their camera’s and strollers in tow? Now, don’t get me wrong, the photographer in me is itching to be there, to capture this historic event on camera, to record it and the human interest stories that are unfolding as I write this… but would I risk my child to take those shots? Would I allow them to know even a moment of fear to satisfy my own curiosity? Without hesitation, NO!

Am I proud to say that I am from Toronto? Yes, we are a fantastic city, a peaceful city and our police force should be commended on their restraint during this event. I don’t know if I could have shown the same calm retraint if I were in their shoes.

These people who are protesting big business, destroying stores like NIKE, Starbucks etc. are also smashing windows on the Mom & Pop shops… explain that one to me? I am confused?

Watching the news, seeing the images, you could almost believe it was a movie… the sad thing is it’s not. It’s home.


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