Housework sucks!

I feel in the mood to rant, maybe it’s the steady flow of rain that has prevented me from getting out and enjoying a Saturday in July, maybe it’s because I didn’t get much sleep last night, or the fact that the kids have been grumpy this morning… I don’t know, but it’s you who are reading this that are going to get a good dose of rant from me today…

I want to rant about housework… I know there are people out there who will feel this with me so sit back, grab a coffee and take a break from the housework to read about mine! It is never ending! I hate it, I hate dishes, (no the dishwasher guy still hasn’t brought the part that our dishwasher needs in order to work properly!), I hate sticking my hands in dirty soapy warm water and using a soggy dishtowel to scrub grub off a plate, or get coffee stains off the morning mugs. I drying them even more! I hate doing laundry, I hate folding, ironing and worse, I hate putting the neatly piled clothes away in the drawers, just so that I can pull them out again and put them back on, just to wash them, dry them, fold them, iron them and put them away again… it’s like the annoying song that never ends! I hate toys that get pulled out just seconds after they are put away, I hate dirty diapers, mucky floors, stacks of books in the wrong place, I hate housework! I mean, truly, it’s a passionate hatred!

What really gets me, is that I never used to care about a neat house! Until I got married to a neat freak I couldn’t care less if there was piles of stuff around… it felt more like home if I had to take clothes straight from the dryer to wear in the morning…

Then I met Tim, my neat freak hubby whom I love… somehow he got to me! Where I used to not care I now care very much. Now I sit in a room that is messy and I cringe, now I want things in their proper place, I want the kitchn counters neat and wiped down, I want the clothes hanging up… but I just don’t want to do it! I hate housework! Worse, I hate that I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me!

So, today, on this rainy Saturday, instead of napping, or sitting with a good book and listening to the rain coming down, I have to fold clothes, wash my never ending dish pile and vacume my floors…

I hate housework!


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2 thoughts on “Housework sucks!

  1. I'm hoping that I (the neat freak) eventually get to my husband (who doesn't care if there is stuff around) enough that he feels uncomfortable and does stuff without asking!!


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