We bought our first home!

A year ago Tim and I were talking about our future, where we wanted to live, what kind of home we wanted for our kids to grow up etc. We thought about all the options outside of Toronto, even outside of Canada but as we were thinking it through and praying it over we came to the realization that maybe we were actually meant to stay here in Toronto. What a novel idea eh?! The¬†reality of Tims work and his passion for the people of Toronto, as well as our close proximity to Sick Kids for Joshua soon made it clear that this is where we should be. Then of course came the question of where to live. We wanted to have our own home, a place that we could work on and fix up and raise the boys in. We wanted to own something so that years from now, when it’s time to leave Toronto or retire we have the financial ability to have a home. (We live in a rectory at the moment).

So, with all those decisions in front of us we began the long process of waiting… I hate waiting! It sucks! I figure God made me impatient, why does he keep trying to change me? Why didn’t he just make me the way he wanted me when he started me? Anyway, that was last year… finally we decided in June to go ahead and begin the house hunt, with Tim off for three months of paternity we figured that this was the best time to do it. So, in our typical all in fashion, we found a house, fell in love, and bought it all in one week! We take possession on the 8th of July! WOOO HOOO!
Now, it’s all about packing, sorting, selling, buying, working… lots of working! I can’t wait to get in there and start ripping up the floors, sanding and staining the hardwood, painting and moving in!

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