Ordinary moments

Today I took Josh and Kaleb to their creative play tots and caregivers class that is at our local community centre and run through the city. We walked there, the sun was so warm already (at 9 am) and all you could hear were the birds singing and kids playing at the park. Josh ran ahead of me and plucked up a few stray dandelions and studied them as if they were the most beautiful roses anyone had ever seen. Then he turned to me and smiled as if to share that moment with me. A moment so ordinary for me and yet to extraordinary for him. His interest in the weed faded quickly when a truck rolled by, his excited voice yelling ‘car’ and his finger pointing wildly in the direction of the truck. As we neared the community centre his steps became quicker and his thoughts once again switched at a rapid pace to the waiting cars, trucks and other toys that awaited him in the community centre. You could actually see his mind making the big decision of what toy to play with first. He played, he sang and he painted, watching in fascination as the brush moved across the page with a large splash of colour left to mark it’s progress. The walk home proved just as ordinary for me, just as extraordinary for him as he discovered ants, bees, birds and stones. His mind quickly taking things in and then moving on to the next exciting moment. He fell, getting a few scratches on the palm of his hands and he looked up at me with large teary eyes. I helped him up, gave him a hug and told him he was okay, he looked at me with trust and then began to run ahead of me again, the fall quickly forgotten.

Ordinary moments, a walk that we do every Thursday morning, but a new day for Josh, a new lesson, a new hurt that is easily put in the past.

I will take all the ordinary moments I can get!


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