All we need

What a week and a half it’s been. While I can’t say what I have been up to due to privacy issues I will say that it’s been a tough week for a number of reason. I have not done a minute of work out nor have I had a real chance to pay attention to my diet. That being said, all I ate last week was a bowl of yogurt for breakfast, a Tim Hortons bagel for lunch a bag of sunchips for dinner and LOADS of coffee to get me through. Today is the final day, and for all parties concerned I am so happy about that.

While this has not been about me in anyway, I have been forced to think through many different things and I have learned alot about myself, my God, and my family. I have learned how blessed I am to have parents who love me, even when we annoy each other there is never a doubt of our love. I have seen for myself how great God is. How loving he is, how infinately sovereign and wonderful he is. How he cares about the biggest hurts in life, and the smallest little details like finding parking spots when you need one. I have learned that he gives strength when strength is needed and a powerful hand to guide and correct when that too is needed. I have learned that anger can be righteaos and healing, that love sometimes needs to use a firm hand and tough words, that laughter can be cathardic and tears can bring people closer. I have learned that God will never leave us alone, that when everyone we love abandons us we will turn and see Gods face in a new friend, that honesty and loyalty are sometimes different, and that hate is not possible without once having loved, and that indifference is the worst of all crimes when coming from someone you love. I have learned that secrets destroy, that shame kills, and guilt is a slowly spreading disease.

Most importantly, I have discovered a new truth in the gospel, a new hope in the cross and a profound love in my God. He is all we need, we may want more but he is all we need.


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