12:00 am didn’t used to be late…

I still look back fondly on the nights that I stayed up simply because I chose to stay up, when midnight was still early and a good sleep in meant getting up at noon. I don’t think I properly revelled in those days and nights, in fact I daresay I took them for granted. These days my youngest is staying up until midnight with teething issues and my oldest is waking at dawn with the sun… and somewhere in between I am supposed to get enough rest to actually want to clean the house, play with the kids, run errands, serve at the church, shower, eat, spend time with my husband… and of course look after myself with proper eating and working out. Who knew that once you grew up you were expected to emulate Super woman?! 🙂 The joy of it is though, that at midnight when I put a sleeping Kaleb down in his crib, I get to watch his eye lashes rest gently on his cheek, his mouth tugging at this tiny thumb which is lodged between his lips like a lifeline, and I get to feel a love that no one can possibly know until they too are staring down at the sweet perfection that is there child. Then just a few short hours later, you get the joy of hearing your 2 year olds steps race towards your door to see you, to hug you and to spend time with you. When else in his life will I be the person he wants to see first thing after he wakes up? Not too far into the future I will be rested, but I will go to bed to loud music, slamming doors and grunts that pass as ‘good night’, then I will be forced to fight them out of bed in the morning, beg them to eat breakfast and hope that they get to school on time… In those moments I will look back on these days and think to myself how I took it all for granted…


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